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At Zeus Method Training, we understand that life is unpredictable. Our programs are designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring you can stay on track with your fitness goals, no matter what life throws your way. From on-demand workouts that fit your schedule to personalized nutrition plans that cater to your unique needs, we're here to support you at every step.

  • Dynamic Group Training: Participate in Daily group sessions for engaging, real-time motivation and a sense of community.
  • On-Demand Plans: Access a range of workout plans whenever and wherever you want, for training that fits your schedule.
  • Monthly Updates: Keep your routine fresh with regularly added new videos, resources, and programs each month.
  • Comprehensive Nutrition Support: Utilize in-app meal plans and nutrition guides to complement your workouts and enhance your diet.
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Customized Fitness Plans: Zeus Method Training offers a diverse array of fitness programs that cater to various interests and goals.

Flexibility to Fit Your Lifestyle: With the ability to follow any daily plan according to your schedule, interests, and fitness goals, Zeus Method provides unparalleled flexibility.

Direct Access to Expertise: Subscribers get the unique opportunity to have direct contact with fitness expert Nick Urankar,

Nutritional Guidance and Resources: Beyond workouts, Zeus Method Training includes comprehensive nutrition guidance, from meal plans tailored to complement your workouts

Educational Content and Support: The platform offers an extensive library of videos and exercise demos, enhancing your training experience.

Community and Motivation: Being part of Zeus Method Training means joining a community of like-minded individuals committed to improving their fitness.


A Comprehensive Fitness Toolkit for You: Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just starting out, Zeus Method Training equips you with a comprehensive Fitness toolkit for success.

Dive into an extensive library of video tutorials, expert-led coaching, and detailed nutrition plans, all curated to enhance your physical and mental well-being. With Zeus, every aspect of your health and fitness is covered.

Olympic Lifting & Powerlifting

Nutrition Resources

Bodybuilding & High Intensity Bodybuilding

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With Zeus Method, you have the flexibility to tailor your program to your changing schedule and mood.

Unlock Your Potential: Comprehensive Tools for Every Goal

Where your fitness goals meet endless possibilities.

Seamless Integration into Your Busy Life: We believe your fitness routine should enhance your life, not complicate it. Zeus Method Training is designed for seamless integration into your busy schedule, offering concise, effective workouts, mobile tracking, and meal prep solutions that fit your fast-paced lifestyle. With Zeus, it’s never been easier to maintain a healthy balance and achieve lasting results.

Tailored Fitness Journeys

Dynamic and Evolving

Expert Coaching and Instructional Content

Adaptable to Changing Goals:

Supportive Community

Variety of Workout Styles

Transform Your Body and Mind

  • Select workouts according to your lifestyle and fitness goals
  • Develop a flexible plan that addresses individual challenges
  • Plan and track your progress with a full-featured app
  • Maximize results with expert nutrition and exercise guidance
  • Break through plateaus and push your fitness to the limit


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Before working with Nick I had tried it all from individual coaching that took me 3+ hours a day and insane movements that over complicated the simplest things. I became paralyzed by trying to and "game" everything.

Then, I met Nick. He came to be coach in a time that I was honestly bumt out on CrossFit. But his wheelhouse is simplifying the things I had made difficult in my head, and learning how to get really good at the basics. The aren't go,cxl af complex. They crush the basics. With 4 kids. A full time iob. Nothing has felt more consistent in my life than my fitness, Thank you Nick for everything.

Tyler Krueger

Crossfit Regional Athlete

As a family dad of two Kids, product Manager, gym owner and Athlete mostly I have a stressful day with a very tight schedule. Usually I'm able to train 1-1,5 hours per day (sometimes more, when the kids are in bed on time). In this case ZEUS is a perfect opportunity for me to improve my fitness. It's not only sport, it's a lifestyle. I'm using ZEUS for two years now. For example, So I was able to compete at the GERMAN or Lowland Throwdown. I'm a big fan of this program and I tried a few before

Marc Jersch

Everyday Athlete

It’s brought the fun back to training. I am stronger than I’ve ever been, doing less, with well structured focused programming. My conditioning is better than ever, and I’m surprising myself with strength gains and PRs all the time…without even trying or going for them.

Sarah Laldin

Everyday Athlete



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Father, Husband, Multi-Sport Athlete, Founder of Zeus Method

Zeus Method was founded by Nick Urankar, a 5x Crossfit Games athlete with over 20 years of personal training experience. With a BS in Exercise Science, certifications from ISSA, CrossFit L1, and USAW, and a background as a collegiate football kicker, Nick has helped thousands of people achieve their fitness goals.

As a multi-sport athlete and married father, I am no stranger to juggling professional and personal responsibilities while striving for optimal fitness and health.

That's why I founded Zeus Method, an online fitness platform that offers comprehensive and progressive programming to help you achieve your fitness goals on your terms.

5X Crossfit Games Athlete


Our meticulously crafted programs, including competitive CrossFit, high-intensity bodybuilding, and innovative JustABar workouts, are designed to continuously challenge and elevate your fitness regime.

With Zeus Method, you'll push past your limits with our progressive lifting sequences and micro workouts, each step tailored to help you achieve new heights of strength, agility, and endurance. Join us to transform not just your body, but your perception of what's possible

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