🔥 December Burn & Learn Challenge Details:

As the holiday season picks up and 2023 draws to a close, what better way to gear up for 2024 than with our exciting December Burn & Learn Challenge on the Zeus Method app? It's completely FREE for all Zeus Method members and anyone else looking to join!

Challenge Details:

  • Fitness Goal: Accumulate points through:

Support Your Journey:

  • December Challenge Workout Program: A daily workout plan to help you reach at least 1,000 points.
  • Log Your Progress: Track your daily activities in the app.
  • Video Tutorials: Access expert guidance to perfect your technique.

Nutrition Challenge:

  • Daily Goal: Say no to one unhealthy food or habit.
  • Community Interaction: Share and gain inspiration in our app’s community.

How to Get Involved:

  1. Open the Zeus Method App: Navigate to the Challenges section.
  2. Sign Up by December 3rd directly in the app.
  3. Select the December Burn & Learn Challenge: Choose this option to start your participation.
  4. Set Your Challenge Level: Choose from Standard, Level 2, or Elite.
  5. Daily Check-Ins: Keep a log of your activities and nutrition.
  6. Engage in the Community Forum: Connect for support and tips.
  7. Track Your Progress on our challenge dashboard.


  • Special Recognition for top achievers on our social media and in-app leaderboards.
  • Exclusive Offers for participants who complete the challenge.

This December, let's finish the year strong and kickstart a healthy, vibrant 2024. Join the December Burn & Learn Challenge and let’s make every day count!

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