The Purpose of goals.

The quality or your life comes down to the quality of your decisions.
Over the last few months I offloaded a lot of business work, gave myself more time, and waited to begin creating and working on new things.
I got bored and started to let myself down.  I wasn't putting much effort into anything because I had no goal.  It would get to be 10-11am and I wouldn't know what I was going to do the rest of my day.
It sucked, I always though I wanted more time but the truth is having goals and something to strive for makes you excited to work through the day with purpose.
The purpose of goals is not so you get things, the purpose of any goal is what they will make of you as a person.  What you have at the end of your life isn't the things but who you became.
I just want to share this as I have began creating new goals and not trying to wait until I have “reset” to feel like it.
If you have been waiting for the right moment, this is it!  If you have been wanting to do something but don't know how, find someone to help you!  
Keep becoming a better version of you!
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