It is not always Roses and Sunshine

Stuff sucked when I first decided to compete… setbacks, decisions, and the relentless pursuit of doing what others thought was a bad decision. After breaking my back for the second time, I had vowed never to lift heavy again. I was only 21…
Instead, I turned to running, completing 13 half marathons, believing that was my new path to finding some form of competition. However, life had other plans, leading me to CrossFit at 167 pounds and a new runner without having lifted in years.
Deciding to compete in CrossFit was more than just a challenge; it was a commitment to myself to heal and strengthen my back. Those first two years dedicated to just that were a testament to struggle and perseverance. It wasn't about making leaps of improvement overnight but about noticing the gradual shift in the right direction. 
My measure of progress? Extending the days without back pain from 3 to 5, and further, battling not just physical, but mental battles along the way.
This journey taught me that regardless of the size of our goals, what's vital is to chase what brings us joy and satisfaction. After a severe leg injury at 15 that could have ended any hopes of athletic pursuits, I made a choice. I decided I would rather reach 40 with stories of what I achieved and chased than than talk about what could have been. And I stand by that decision every day.
Why am I sharing this? Because I believe we all have untapped potential waiting to be discovered, and sometimes, all it takes is a bit of encouragement and the right community to get us there. This is what Zeus Method Training is all about – a platform for those who dare to chase their dreams, no matter the odds.
You have your own story, and if you're looking for a sign to take that first step towards your own goals, I'm inviting you to join us at Zeus Method. 
Here, it's not just about workouts; it's about building resilience, strength, and finding joy in your journey.
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Remember, it's never too late to redefine your path and chase what truly makes you happy.
Keep pushing forward,
Nick Urankar
P.S. Every step forward is a victory. Let's celebrate those together at Zeus.
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