How to workout when you don't have much time!

"How do I know what I should do on my Workout Program when I don't have enough time?”
You want to follow your workout program and get the most out of it.  But, sometimes life doesn't give you the time to do that!  I know working out can sometimes seem overwhelming because of many reasons.  
First, Do what you have time for.  It is ok to be limited, just do what you can!
Focus on what you can do.  Quitting happens when you don't feel you can reach an arbitrary destination.  Doing one short workout a day is ok!  If you have time after it, great add in a second.  
The reality is everyday is different.  Things come up out of your control and it is the main reason I see people quit.  They feel they can’t complete all the work when something is better then nothing.  
Sometimes crushing your workout is just doing SOMETHING!  I never feel bad after doing something, but when I do nothing I do.
You are winning even when it is a small win.   So grab the shortest workout and get it done then move on!  You can even take a 20 minute workout and make it 10, or 6 sets and do 3.
You can always try Zeus Method Free here and see all the training options.  There is always a 6 minute workout everyday!
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