Ever Felt This Way?

Ever Felt This Way?

I can now see that people work hard in the dark, scared of what will happen when they get in the light, so they would rather not take the chance of failing. 

This helped me change my belief around peaking well.

When all the work you have done is ready to shine, you have to be ready to go.  We don’t unfortunately get to choose the moment we peak.  We just get to keep working and know if we never quit eventually we will shine!

Plateauing is the period of time that you question if what you are doing is really working, because you’re not seeing the results you believe you deserve.  This is the period of time when most people quit.  This is the time you think it isn’t working.

The craziest thing is that it was probably in me way before it ever came out of me in a lift.  It showed up when I was least expecting it. 

Even crazier, as a 15 year old it was in me, I needed to decide to find it.

I went 10 years focusing on my Snatch and then went almost two years not hitting a PR from the beginning of 2012 to the end of 2013.  Then within a five week window

I increased my Snatch by 35 pounds!

This would have never happened had I not pushed through all the challenges.

I needed things to happen to me that got me uncomfortable, scared, challenged me, to force my hand and decide what I really wanted.  Those decisions have me right where I need to be.

In a place to now help and allow others to begin believing they can as well.

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