5 Training Tips for CrossFit Athletes

5 Training Tips for CrossFit Athletes

5 Tips every Athlete should do in their training to get better faster. Training can be a lot of fun… and a lot of work.

If you REALLY want to improve, here are a few things you can do to make sure that happens faster!

1)⚡️ It is not all about conditioning, the stronger you are the easier workouts get!

The better your skills, the easier workouts get! Improve in the areas you are weak! Do this by focusing on getting better under fatigue in movements you struggle at!

2)⚡️ Every week PACE half of your metcons so that when you finish you can evaluate whether you paced it right.

Take the parts of the workout that got hard and focus on improving them.

3)⚡️ Every week SELL out in half of your metcons so you can understand what you could have done different.

Did you go to fast out the gate, to slow, or is there anything you can do differently on a similar workout next time.

This will help you evaluate movements that you struggle at and others that seem to be easier to keep moving on. This will help you learn how to pace when it is time.

4)⚡️ Focus on the details.

Every rep matters, not just every workout. You should know how to adjust your movement as you get tired or are sore. Learn how to make movements easier, faster, and the most efficient just like the best. Mimic and learn what you see from top athletes.

This is something people don't do enough, because they feel like they are going “Slow” and let there ego take them back yo old habits. Master the skills to really catapult yourself up.

5)⚡️ Watch and learn.

It is not always about winning workouts. Training is about learning so make sure you are always focused on how you can improve. This may be mindset, slowing down, increasing focus, recovery, talking with your coach more. You need to always be trying to find an advantage to help you become better faster!

There are so many ways you can improve, make sure you think about one thing you can do each workout so when you finish you learned something!

Collect as much information as you can!

Nick Urankar

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