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Zeus Method

Bodyweight Workouts When You're Stuck at Home!

Bodyweight Workouts When You're Stuck at Home!

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Each sections allow you to choose the areas you want to target:

Upper Body, Lower Body, Full Body ,Core

Each Section allows you to choose workouts to help you work those areas. Now, we didn’t do this to let you slack on any one part of your body! So mix it up!

We was to help and encourage you where you are, especially when life gets hectic and you are stuck at home, a hotel, or where you don’t have access to what you need. This should give you effective workouts to push yourself. Use this anywhere in the world to get effective exercise without having to worry about equipment.

We did this because we understand some days are easier than others, and with a full life you may be limited in time or ability to do certain things day to day. While also knowing some days bring more flexibility and freedom so you have the ability to choose two workouts in a day, or a longer workout when you're feeling extra good and have the time!

Have Fun and I can’t wait to hear about your personal journey through this book!

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