What workouts do you want inside?

We're on the brink of something Big at Zeus Method. We're about to unveil our brand new app and need your help!
What kind of programs or content are you needing more of or help with? (DETAILS OF WHAT WILL BE INSIDE BELOW)
What's New?
1) The app is loaded with bonus programs and plans.  These will be added to monthly so you will always be seeing new options. This is everything from Bodybuilding, to running programs, how to improve pull ups, lifting, and anything you suggest!
2) Unlimited access to everything with new programs added every month.
3) A resource section of expert coaching, movement demos, mindset, nutrition, and anything you ask for!
4) Flexible scheduling where you can choose how you follow plans and how many you want to see at a time
5) A community area to chat and learn from each other.
6) Zeus Ebook access so you can view them as if you had your own personal kindle with easy access in their own area.
Whether it's refining movements, focusing on bodybuilding, or crushing CrossFit, we're packing it all in for you.  Everything is included!
But Here's where I need Your help:
We're eager to know what you'd love to see inside the app. What kind of programs or content are you needing more of or help with? Your input will guide us in creating an app that's tailor-made for you.
Click Reply to this email with your thoughts, ideas, and any programs you've been dreaming of. Your feedback will make Zeus Method your ideal fitness partner.
Stay tuned for more updates on the app's launch date, additional features, and our journey to keep striving for improvement. Your help is highly valued, and we're thrilled to take this next step together!
PS: If you are on the tribe app you will be moved over to the New Zeus Method App.  The only thing you will need to do is download the new app when we do and it will look COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!
You can join and access to the current Zeus Method and move right into the new app when it launches here!
Best regards,
Nick Urankar
Zeus Method Team
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