Want to improve your snatch fast?

Want to improve your snatch fast?

This is not easy for me, I grew up being told not to talk about myself, accomplishments, what I believe I can do, and that it comes off cocky when I do.  

From family, to friends I was always very self conscious of how I was viewed.

I am naturally loud though, if you get me and my mom together in a room we basically scream at each other to match volumes and people just stare at us 👀.

This is because we get excited and enthusiastic when we are around people and each other.  This can come off the wrong way to people.

So, me telling you that I can have your entire gym wanting to know how the h*** you learned how to snatch like that is exactly what Snatch like a Pro WILL do for you!  I know this because I did it for myself.

Not only did I do it, but I have been able to dumb it down for you to get everything you need in 45 minutes (Minus the bonus’s, they don’t count because they are extra cool, awesome, and amazing videos that you will want to watch)

One of the most asked questions I get is,"how did you get so strong in your olympic lifts while doing CrossFit?"

If you have wondered how I got good at lifting, and specifically the snatch, this gives everything I learned and used to lift how I do!

So… if you don’t get Snatch Like a Pro please don’t message me how I got my snatch so good and if I can help you…because it's sitting on this page 😂!

I spent a lot of time making this so simple a monkey could do it…and honestly I'm thinking about finding a monkey (or putting a suit on) to snatch and prove it!

And if by a crazy chance I'm wrong, I'll give you your money back!

Just make sure to send all the peeps at your gym to me for the next time Snatch like a Pro launches.

Yes, Let's do this!

What has been said…

"The best part about Nick is his desire to see you 
grow even more than yourself" - 

Nick Urankar

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