Snatch Like a Pro is Here!

Snatch Like a Pro is Here!

One of the most asked questions I get is…”Could you make a video going over the snatch, I need help!

I have coached thousands of people in the snatch, and when working in person you can only give someone, and they can only remember so much. And, I get asked more questions after because they cant find the old video, or need a refresher on the next steps because there was so much information.

I have wanted to find a way to take everything you need and put it in one place.

If you're the person who has been lifting for a decade and stuck on the same weight for months or years, I can help!

If you are a beginner and your mind is full of so much information that you don’t understand about the snatch, I can help!

If your coach tells you the same cue that you cant seem to grasp how to fix, I can help!

Do you cross your fingers that today is the day it clicks, I can help!

The key to success after working with 1,000s of people is:

1) Getting information in front of you as often as possible.

2) Having drills to practice and improve.

3) Learning what each part “feels” and looks like.

4) How to review your own video and find you're positioning.

4) Going back to the beginning and refining the skills.

I want you to see how simple breaking down the snatch can be! If you are any of the examples above this course will change your Snatch forever…

Get Snatch Like a Pro Available until April 20th. You get lifetime access and updates!

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