Pure Strength Program

Pure Strength Program

We just recently launched a new program on Train Heroic where I can work more closely with you.

One of my superpowers is helping get people strong. Where I see the biggest disconnect is in getting strong and gaining muscle is the understanding of how to follow a program,. The main thing in order to get stronger is systematically knowing what to do.

That is why I opened up this program. To answer questions in app and review videos for you so that you can get past chasing goals that you should already have crushed!

Try it out HERE for a week FREE!

Some more details on the program:

Do you want to be a monster with a barbell, lift heavier, and cycle a bar with ease? Sounds legit! But how? I remember sitting on my stairs after my family told me that what I was doing didn't make sense. But, it mattered to me.

And there wasn't anyone I could lean on and ask for help. So, I learned, pushed, and focused on getting better.

Now I see people having the ability but not having the right guide. I mean, how do you follow a strength program, how do you learn to move more efficiently, get stronger, while still doing other activities you love, not take time away form them, and have the ability to do them at high levels.

Here's how, Zeus Barbell Strong! A program I designed to get ME strong and now it's your turn! Not only teaching how to move a barbell for reps better then anyone inside CrossFit. The best part! I will be in the app with you to post details on how to maximize the program, chat, and review videos you post.

This is not only going to guarantee to get you stronger, more confident in your lifting... but allow you to have a coach as you need me to make sure you understand and learn exactly what to do!

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