New to the Zeus Method Training APP!

Exciting news from Zeus Method – our app just got a major nutrition upgrade! Plus, I’m sharing a deadlift plan that skyrocketed my strength, and a CrossFit workout that’s Simple and tough.
What’s New in Nutrition? 
We’ve added a variety of meal plans to cater to all your dietary needs:
  • Anti-Inflammation Smoothies: Delicious, health-boosting recipes.
  • Flexible Meals with Macros: Tailor your intake to your fitness goals.
  • Gluten and Dairy-Free Options: For those with specific dietary preferences.
  • Vegetarian Meal Plan: Nutrient-packed, plant-based meals.
  • Basic Meal Plan: Covering all your fundamental nutritional needs. And this is just the beginning – we'll be adding more each month!
  • Plus, don't forget you can Sync My Fitness Pal & Fit Bits right in the app!
5x5 Deadlift Plan Now Available 
Gain Serious Strength 
Ever wondered how I added over 100 pounds to my deadlift? It’s all in the app now! A simple, once-a-week plan that brought me incredible results. It’s straightforward, effective, and perfect for anyone looking to up their deadlift game.
CrossFit Compete WOD 
A fun workout from the App.  
Here’s a workout straight from CrossFit Complete that will leave you breathless, literally: 
For Time:
21-15-9 Reps:
Burpees over box (24/20 inches)
Dumbbell Push Press (50/35 pounds)
Burpee Dumbbell Deadlifts (50/35 pounds)
*Remember, you can scale the movements and weights to match your fitness level.  Goal is to keep moving!
We’re thrilled to provide you with these resources to help you on your fitness journey. Update your app now to check out these new additions and get started on improving your strength and nutrition.
Not a member yet? Join us today and get access to top-notch fitness and nutrition plans!
Stay strong and healthy,
Nick Urankar
Zeus Method Team
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