New #justabar Challenge!

New #justabar Challenge!

This will be 5 weeks long you can get early access to the workouts and my times here.

Check Out the New #juatabar challenge Below


“You must learn to Fail Confidently before you can be as

Successful as you Dream to be‼️”


You are invited to a Fun #justabar challenge starting today.

This will be 5 weeks long and you can log your score using the #justabatchallenge on Instagram post.


We will be doing a New workout every Monday for the Next 5 Weeks! Tell your friends and grab your empty bar and lets go!!!

Below is the First Workout…


Simple + Effective: Squatalotta

8 Rds For Time:

8 Back Squats

8 Fronts Squats

8 Overhead Squats

My time: 6:52


Sign up below to get the workouts every Thursday with my times!


Workout 1:

I am excited for this challenge as it is possible for everyone to do while being super effective. I will be sending out the Workouts every Monday unless you sign up for early access to these.


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