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ZEUS High Intensity Bodybuilding

The workouts are designed for the general population with a generally healthy fitness level and basic knowledge of CrossFit style movements. We aim to assist you increase your strength and cardio fitness; however, results may vary for all individuals.

Basic Equipment like a barbell & weights along with a squat rack and some dumbbells are all that you will need to get started on this journey. All movements are easily modified or able to be changed to fit the equipment that you have.

Guys, this is one of my favorite topics and I wanted to start off by giving you something that I truly believe in. I have trained long enough to have made many training mistakes. My secret is consistency and never quitting. The only time we really fail is when we quit. I have gone years missing goals I had been shooting for yet kept pushing to learn and improve. Every time I failed; I would learn the hard way how to improve faster. The last 10 years have been insane and the amount of improvement I have seen and at which I have achieved.

I want to share this program with you and help you reach your goals without making the same mistakes I’ve learned from over the years. Get ready to get to work and get the results you want!

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