My Mindset Shift on Training Days!

My Mindset Shift on Training Days!

I remember how I thought about training and improving 15 years ago.

You can't do Cardio and get REALLY strong and big… and you can't lift REALLY heavy and expect to get better at long endurance workouts. All the way to the idea that you had to choose one way to train and then just do that!

I can even remember running 5 miles in 2009, then going to the gym and saying, “I am too tired, I can't lift after a run like that."

I REALLY believed it. Then when I started competing in CrossFit I still felt this way and wondered how you were supposed to get really good at EVERYTHING!

I thought it was about never stopping, going as hard as you can, and cross your fingers that you didn’t die 😂!

A few years Later, I didn’t want to suffer all the time and started to feel burnt out by pushing myself. I still felt weak because I couldn’t train to be strong and also get crazy fit (THIS IS WHAT I THOUGHT).

But, one day I realized in order to be great I have to stop thinking about limiting myself to guessing, and I started testing. I started telling myself, why not lift really heavy then do cardio and improve at them together? What I started to learn was how to properly program and develop with a plan that flipped everything I knew and thought upside down.

I also realized somedays are better then others and that adapting my days to fit who I am that way was key. So somedays I could push harder, lift more, workout longer, and be mentally tougher.

Other days I wanted out, didn’t want to push, and quit early.

So I would write out 4-8 things that I “planned” to do. Most days I did 1-3 things and changed or tweaked others based on how I felt. Some days I did non, and others I did everything.

See, what I learned is your training is yours, your days are yours, and the time you have is yours. Have a plan, but listen to what is best for you in the moment. Change is ok, adjusting is ok, and crushing it is…ok!

This is how I think when I program ZEUS Everything and even the COMPETE Programs. What can I give someone who has everything going for them that day, and what can I offer that allows someone in a rough day to see a picture and adjust it if needed. And that’s what I want to be there for, support you and the ability for you to contact me, get feedback, and have me to help you understand those adjustments.

Do EVERYTHING you want when you want, and if you do it well you can get some crazy results!

Have a great training day!

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