Motivation To Train…

Motivation To Train…

I struggled to motivate myself to train for 2 straight years!  Have you ever felt like I did?

@ZeusMethod was not created to get you to the Games, it was created to get you to the gym.  

From 2013-15 I despised working out.  The first thing on my mind every morning would be, “I don’t want to train!”  I would fight with myself back and forth about why I didn’t want to train, why I needed to train, what I needed to train, how much I didn’t want to train, and it was a never ending cycle.

Everything changed for me when I stopped thinking about not training and started asking myself what I wanted to train.  

I stopped battling with myself and let my mind have it, “You don’t want to train?  Cool, I’m eating breakfast.”  or, “Ok, we won’t train today.” 

Boom, I was silent.  I can’t train right now anyway, and I won’t be able to for a couple of hours so, just say, fine I won’t.  As my morning would go on I would only allow myself to think about what I wanted to do, not what I didn’t want to do.  

When I would walk into the gym the only thing I wanted to do was lift.  So, I lifted.  I created a habit of lifting as my first session of the day.  I would wake up and tell myself, “If you don’t want to train fine, lets get through the morning and talk about that later.”  Later would be walking into the gym.

I would get to the gym and grab a bar to start lifting, listening to what I wanted, moving at the pace I wanted, and lifting how I wanted.  No fluff, no weird design, or movements.  Instead, I just lifted.  By the time I got done, I wanted more.  And if I didn’t, I was fine with it.

What I learned in 2015:  I would rather feel good every day doing what I wanted and enjoy myself  the stress of focusing on what I hated.  

I ended up training more, stressing less, and began allowing myself to have fun.

I started ZeusMethod shortly after this time.   I wanted to give people what I began to love so much.  I contacted @ethos_31 (Dave Ruiz), a friend I trusted a lot, to help do some of the things I knew I wouldn’t enjoy.  I love programming and helping people, that is where I wanted to spend my time.  He was on board and ZeusMethod was born.  3 years later and here we are…

ZeusMethod’s goal is to give you ideas and options of what you can do when you don’t want to train.  Or, when you do want to train, there are tons of options!  The idea isn’t to do everything, it’s to find the thing you want to do and do it.  

This isn’t how we all feel, but at some point we have all been there or will be.  Zeus allows you to see that you have options, and most days the options should be fun.  Training is and should be fun, the byproduct is getting crazy strong and fit.

If you want to know anything else about me or what we do, please reach out or go to our website  I enjoy hearing from and working with everyone I can through ZeusMethod!I struggled to motivate myself to train for 2 straight years!  Have you ever felt like I did?

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