Introducing DadFit: The Fitness Solution for Busy Dads

Hey there, I’m Nick Urankar, and I want to share the story behind DadFit – a fitness program designed specifically for busy dads who juggle work, family, and personal health. If you’re a dad who’s ever felt like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, you’re in the right place.

The Inspiration Behind DadFit

I’ve always struggled with managing my time between giving my kids the attention they deserve, spending quality time with my wife, ensuring the family is financially secure, growing my business, and taking care of my health. As new stresses arise and family dynamics change, it's easy to sacrifice something – and often, that sacrifice is my own well-being.

I’ve come to understand the immense value of fitness and nutrition, but I’ve also realized that it doesn’t have to be rigid or perfectly planned. You don’t wait until “tomorrow” if you miss your workout window; you find a smaller window and do what you can. Consistency is key, and it all adds up.

Why DadFit?

I hear from men all the time about their fitness struggles. They wish they worked out more, they’re trying new things, their spouse wants them to be in better shape, or they want to be a better role model for their kids. You can achieve these goals without stress – that’s where DadFit comes in.

I’ve always wanted to help other dads navigate these challenges. I noticed that when I talked about fitness or invited others to join me, many hesitated, saying they weren’t ready or didn’t have the time. So, I started giving them 1-2 minute micro workout challenges. The response was overwhelmingly positive – those short workouts were surprisingly difficult, and they realized how effective small, consistent efforts can be.

What DadFit Offers

DadFit provides three workout options, four days a week, with additional on-demand workouts available like a glossary. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dad Bodyweight Workout: Perfect for those days when you don’t have any equipment.
  • Dad Dumbbell Only Workout: Ideal if you have a pair of dumbbells at home.
  • Strength-Based Program: Designed to build serious strength with a bit more equipment like a barbell.

Each workout can be completed in under 30 minutes, but you can adjust the time based on your day. The goal is to do something four days a week. The coolest part? Everyone I’ve been working with has been learning and growing, and that’s incredibly rewarding.

Why It Works

I’ve been creating teaching videos on movement, mindset adjustments, and simplifying workouts and nutrition. The more I talk to dads, the more they stop overthinking everything. This is a process – taking small, consistent steps helps you find your sweet spot.

Join the DadFit Movement

I want you to find what works for you and help you work towards your goals. Fitness shouldn’t be stressful – it should be empowering. With DadFit, you can become the best version of yourself for your family.

Ready to make a change? Let’s do this together.

Stay strong,
Nick Urankar

P.S. If you’re interested in getting early access to DadFit, join our waitlist now and be the first to know when we launch. Let’s get started on this journey together!

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