How to Simplify your Workouts for Greater Results!

How to Simplify your Workouts for Greater Results!

How to simplify your training for greater results.

1) Think of your workouts as being adjustable
2) Try not to plan to much
3) Do something you enjoy
4) Be ok with change on the fly

Step 1) Think of your workouts as being adjustable

Workouts are designed to get you motivated, moving, and get you results. If we were in the gym and something came up I would “Erase” the whiteboard and create something that would fit our situation… I would make an adjustment. We can do anything, at anytime, in any amount of time, and it can change every time.

The goal of your workouts is to get you feeling better, looking better, healthier, and happier. If we aren’t doing that we need to make adjustments.

Don’t get caught up in being perfect with what you have down to do, making tweaks and adjustments will only help relieve stress and teach you more about how you operate best.

Step 2) Try not to plan to much.

The day before a workout you are normally more inspired and motivated then the moment you open your eyes and think of the agenda ahead. This can sometimes make us feel down or frustrated that how we felt yesterday isn’t the same as today.

You forgot about a meeting, your fridge is empty, you overslept, you have to meet a friend. Something ALWAYS comes up that can get in the way.

Or… you can accept it as a normal part of your life and go with it. This is where just planning to workout and doing one thing that will make you feel better overall is key. Not trying to do 5 workouts because that’s what the new program you joined said. Instead plan to do something on the program that will have you feeling accomplished.

The beauty is that you know you will workout and you are not expecting to conquer the world doing it. Many times after you do something you feel like you want to do something else based on the time you have left. THIS is when you add to your workouts. Do something else because now you are motivated in the moment and this is what we take advantage of.

Step 3) Do Something You Enjoy

If I wake up and have something I hate down to do I will most likely find an excuse, push it out to long to be able to fit it in, and then BLAME it on my schedule.

Having something that makes you feel excited gets you in the gym, the garage, or outside and once you are moving you may decide, “you know what, I should do "X” because that is going to really help me!

Having something you enjoy will motivate you to keep going because now you are feeling good. It is better to do something fun and less of “what you need” then push off something you don't want to do. We don’t want to get down on ourselves and then do nothing.

Keep your workouts fun so you are excited to start.

Step 4) Be ok with change on the fly

Remember that life will throw you curve balls so keep swinging! You may plan for 30 minute and only have 15, what do you do. Take advantage of the 15 and get what you can done! When people follow a program, a specific workout, or have a routine they sometimes get tunnel vision to just that. When it can’t be done we blame the “Circumstances” as the reason for failing to do it.

Instead, adjust and be ok. Walk into the day understanding it will be ok to change on the fly so do it as early as you can when you have more control over your time, or if you workout later keep your schedule clear while knowing stuff comes up!.

In a very short period of time you can be very accomplished. Taking a 30 minute workout and making it a 10 minute workout is better then not working out.

If you run into regular issues try this. Ask yourself why you had to make the change or what was the problem? Assessing a situation will help it not be a continued problem. Maybe it was the time and random things come up then. Either way make sure you have a realistic expectation and when things need to change be ok with it!

Heck one Minute of Burpees can even scare you and that is not to long but is still hard!

Nick Urankar

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