How to be Better at the Basics!

How to be Better at the Basics!

(especially of a system or machine) achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.

My oldest daughter just turned 12 and she really wanted to see Billie Eilsh in concert, so we got tickets and the concert was this past weekend. I wasn't thrilled, however, told myself any concert is a good concert and enjoy being with Jada (Billiie would not be my first choice 😂)

Once the concert started I was, and always am, in Aww of how efficient large events are. I mean everything is unreal and set up so well.

Then, I think about me and how hard it is sometimes to find my car keys let alone do something well!

It made me think of challenging myself to find one thing that I could become more efficient in today. What is something I know I could be doing better but for one reason or another put it off. Something I have continued wasting time with and making it harder then it should be.

When working out the more efficient I became the easier things got and the better I became. I believe we dont want to “waste” the time becoming more efficient, yet we waste more time by not being efficient and all the time we keep wasting.

Once you do focus on improving you always end up looking back saying, “I should have focused on this sooner!”

What could you do today to become more efficient and save more time?

Commit to improving something that you normally chalk up to “being what it is.”

Example: Here is a video on how to become more efficient with your push ups. Let me know if this helps, it may be simple but even the basics can always get better!


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