How I wejjnt from training ALL DAY to 20-60 Minutes a day!

How I wejjnt from training ALL DAY to 20-60 Minutes a day!

It is hard to believe I went from being in the gym 5-8 hours or more a day, to working out on Average 20-60 MINUTES a day!

I am not going to lie, I wonder what was I thinking πŸ€” πŸ˜‚! But, I didn't have to think as much about what I was doing in order to look a certain way. All my training took care of that for me.

Now, what I do matters so much more then before. I have to be focused on doing what will give me the most bang for my time. And right now that is maintaining my physique while also maintaining as much of my fitness as possible. The physique part is higher on the list though! That is why Swole and High Intensity Bodybuilding are so valuable to me.

They allow me to get great training in, focus on how I can maintain a fit look, while also challenging my overall fitness. A win win in my book. I like to creep on the Train Heroic app as well and see how everyone is doing because it motivates me. Plus, getting all the awesome messages doesn't hurt knowing that what I am creating is helping.

I hope if you are limited on time, busy, and have other obligations that you are finding great ways to utilize SWOLE and HIBB like me!

PS: If you haven't tried them yet try either one Free!!

Crush you training day and go Beyond!

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