How I Stopped Hating My Workouts

How I Stopped Hating My Workouts

I believe training should be straight forward and effective.

Especially when I did not want to workout. When I stopped competing I felt lost until I went out in the garage and just moved to feel good.

I kept the workouts simple, effective and developed High Intensity Bodybuilding and Swole. Almost by accident! I had so many people asking me about it that I designed the programs and have only got better at creating great programs that work!

The main difference is the equipment. Swole is designed to need only you and some dumbbells yet has a similar feel to HIBB.

HIBB is for those with bars, squats racks, and weights. This progresses past where swole can go and really develops strength and aesthetics.

Crushing myself everyday was tough and I needed to slow down and push at the pace I was ok without. This did just that for me. Especially because as I get into a workout I naturally push harder (most days).

Best part is you can try both Free and chat with me inside the app!

Try SWOLE Free Here or Give High Intensity Bodybuilding a Try Here Free!!!

PS: The Workouts are Different Every Day!

Crush your training and Go Beyond,

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