How do I get Stronger?

How do I get Stronger?

Secrets To Adding Strength & Muscle

This is the number one question I get asked. The short generic answer is...Consistently Lift Heavy, Duh!

Many people who are asking this question shave been on 3-5 programs over the last 6 months. They later leave ZeusMethod after 1 month saying, “I didn’t get as strong as I thought I would.” Newsflash... it takes time, a long get strong!

These people are trying to fast track themselves to becoming someone else. The people we look up to and want to be similar to, have been doing their craft for years or decades longer than we have. To assume 1-2 months will bring on radical change is ignorant.

Zeus Method is not a sexy program. Getting strong is not sexy. I know how to get strong, and if you know anyone really strong they will tell you the secret is about doing the work and knowing there is No secret.

One of my favorite quotes is:
“The worst program followed consistently is better than the best program followed inconsistently.”

If you are looking for a sexy program than you are searching for a brain stimulation. Doing the work is a physical stimulation. It should have you wondering how you are going to lift the weights you are sup- posed to hit today, tomorrow, and be ready for your rest day because you are beat. A brain stimulation is making your brain feel good because of the way something looks. If you are looking for eye candy then stay on Social Media, the gym is a place for work.

If you have not been getting stronger than there are two reasons:
You aren’t trying to get stronger because your spending more time searching than trusting in a pro- cess over time
2) You have not been lifting heavy consistently enough.

I put in the work. I would rather fight for what I want by putting in the work, doing the things it takes to get to my goals, and fail (which I have most times). People think others are where they are because they haven’t failed at accomplishing their goals. On the contrary, it’s because of all the failures, how- ever continuing to push that enables those top people to reach heights others believe untouchable and unachievable.

The other alternative is to talk about something I want, blame others for not having it, while not tak- ing responsibility for getting know where near it. We need to take responsibility and give ourselves a chance to be honest about our goals. If your not willing to do the hard work then you are chasing a wish not putting work in towards a want and desire. Neither is guaranteed, though you will always get farther wanting something and acting on those desires over wishing for them, crossing your finger, tapping your heals together, and closing your eyes.

Before you start your next lifting program, talk to the programming coach. Talk to athletes that have gone through it to see if there results align with what you want. Ask questions and find people who are where you want to be, or who have been there before.

After doing this commit to 6 months. This will not get you to your ultimate goals, however it will allow you to see it through to a point where you can measurably see a difference. Take Responsibility, put in the work, and stay consistent!

Nick Urankar

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