High Intensity Bodybuilding Workout

High Intensity Bodybuilding Workout


A) Every 2 Minutes x 10 Sets:

12 Barbell Step Ups onto 10-20 inch or object

-immediately into

6 Back Squats

*start at a moderate weight and increase each set until 10 sets or you feel you can't go up

anymore, increase height box if needed as well.

B) 4 Sets: *No rest between movements or sets

1 Minute Farmer Hold holding Heavy DB’s or KB 50-70# each hand

15 Calorie Bike **15 Burpees if you don't have a bike**

30 Back Squats 75/55#

C) 3 Rds:

300 M Run

30 Jumping Lunges *FEEL THE BURN*

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