Finding Fitness in Life's Pockets

I just did a Podcast with Alex Anderson (Releasing March 4th) and one of the things we talked about was how people brag about time in the gym or how much they workout.
For me, that is not a metric to use as any gauge.  It is actually the amount of work you are getting done.  In a 2 hour period ay the gym, some days I may have only done 20-30 minutes of “Work”.  But, saying that doesn't sound as cool.
Truth is, if you look at the amount of work you actually do it makes you realize that you need much less time to get fit and reach your goal then you think.
For years while competing I would find what I call pockets of time and do 2-10 minute workouts when I could.  See, I was married and had a child right when I decided to go all in on competing. I was working a full time job, then opened my first business and had a second child, all in my first 3 years of competing.
While at my job I would set a clock for 5 minutes and do as many squats as I could.. in a suit.
Run to the basement and do a 4 minute workout before running upstairs to help with dinner. 
I’d wake up at 4 AM just to get a 10 minute workout in before starting the morning.  My “Hours in the gym” were actually about cutting out quick sprints throughout my day. 
I always found 2-5 times a day I could do this while also finding multiple days a week to have an hour or two for more specific training.
You can accomplish more when you starting looking for where you can do it.  I believe we feel more like victims of our circumstance and situations most days. Trying to find reasons why we can’t do something over do something.
I love the quote, “You will always find what you are looking for, good or bad.”  I never looked at it like I couldn’t workout and reach the CrossFit Games, I always thought I just had to find the ways to get in what I needed to make the Games.
Now that I only train 30-60 minutes a day and some days 6.  I understand that all of this has played a roll in being able to go hard for 6 minutes and be completely ok with myself if that is it.  Because I know there doesn’t have to be much more in that “pocket” of the day.
I can always find another 6 minutes if I really felt I wanted more, however I focus on putting in tough work and do it so that I look and feel good for as long as possible.
Believe me, there are days when I have more time, more willingness to test myself, train more than usual, and do it.  But, most days, life has other ideas and I find my "pockets."
Zeus Method has transformed into a place where you can use the app to find the program that suits you, set a daily schedule and get better.
However, it is now just as easy to open up, look what fits in the pockets you have… and hit it hard for however long you have, and get back to your day!
Heck you could even, kick up on a wall in the office and do handstand push ups in a suit.  Only to get called into said office hours later because the wall is now covered in black (my dress shoes).  EMBARRASSING!
Look for what you can do, and start to be ok with the pockets you have.  Use the time you have and crush your goal!
Keep killing it!
Nick Urankar
PS: If you want to test out Zeus, you can Join here free to see how it can fit inside your life.  From Daily Programs, Dozen of add on's, Nutrition, Resources, Videos, and More.  Zeus is something I believe can help anyone!
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