CrossFit Syndicate Crown Competition Last Weekend

CrossFit Syndicate Crown Competition Last Weekend

I was at Syndicate Crown CrossFit Competition this weekend coaching Scott Tetlow, amazing energy and a lot of fun seeing old friends. I was asked a lot if I was going to compete again and I answered the same way I have been for awhile now… “There just isn't that fire right now.”

And it's true. That's the only reason I am not competing. Can you relate? Maybe there was something you consumed by and then over time it became less important?

It's not that I don't enjoy training and getting better, it's that I understand I am not willing to do everything it takes to be at the top. I have learned over this last while that it is ok to not have that fire. That took some time to be comfortable with.

But, on the way home I got a little itch. Not sure what it is yet, but I decided to start training harder again and see what happens.

I'll be following 3-4 parts from Compete each day and throwing accessory work in from HIBB and SWOLE. Not sure what this means but we will see in the coming months.

I am not saying I am back, but there will be a different intensity to my training to see!

PS: You can join me and follow along inside the program! You don't need a crazy lit fire to still love to train!

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