6 Week Barbell Complex Program

6 Week Barbell Complex Program


Do you like Barbell Cycling?

If Yes, then you are in the right spot! I wanted to share all the ways I learned how to become super efficient with a barbell and made it into a 6 week program!

Looking to get better at Barbell Cycling?? Need to improve your Efficiency on moving a HEAVY bar? This program is exactly that. I walk you through a 6 week program designed to help you become better at moving weight in Legit Complexes!

Have questions, email me and I would love to help!

From Clean & Jerk Complexes, Snatch Complexes, Squatting, Overhead, and Combinations that have helped me… I have put them all in one place for you!

You can build this into your current lifting program or add into your ZEUS-METHOD Training.

Check it out now, and if it isn’t for you… ill give you Your money back within 14 Days of Purchase!.

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