6 Ways to Use Progressive Overload

Progressive overload training is done through increasing the intensity or difficulty of your workouts over time. It can improve every area of your fitness.

Training this way Starts by choosing a goal, training at a comfortable but moderately challenging level, and then slowly making your workouts harder each week. This can be done by decreasing rest periods, increasing weight, increasing sets, increasing time, and changing your intensity.

6 Ways to Use Progressive Overload
Here are 6 ways to make your workouts more challenging and get better results faster.

1. Increase your weights. The simplest way is to add weight each week to your sets. I like to add 5 pounds a week across all my sets using the same rep scheme from the weeks prior. Even on days you feel great, you stick to the plan! In a few months you will see HUGE gains.

2. Increase your reps. You can increase the overall volume just by adding more reps. Goal of this is for you to build to muscle failure. Staying away from exact numbers is ok. We do the same reps schemes every training session so vary them . If you always do 10 reps, try 11, then next week 12.

3. Complete more sets. After increasing weight, reps, or both you can then add in more sets. The ultimate goal being to be progressing somewhere and using more then one way to improve.

4. Shorter rest periods. This will help you work through your workouts faster, improve metabolic efficiency, and not get stuck in a pattern of similar training. Changing this helps you learn to recover faster, use new energy pathways, and makes the body adapt to a new stimulus.

5. Change how you train. Change up your movements or how often you work them. You can add in one thing a day that is not normal in your training This will help you adapt more quickly.

6. Vary your intensity. Your workouts can become more difficult by adding holds between reps, slowing down your movement, increasing range of motion, and cutting out rest completely.

Try Progressive Overloading
Go into your next workout looking to improve form the last week. This requires you to journal or track your training so you walk in knowing exactly what you can do using one or more of the above options! This helps to prevent boredom and getting stuck in doing the same thing over and over never pushing yourself to new levels!

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