3 Ways to Attack Your Cardio Workouts!

3 Ways to Attack Your Cardio Workouts!

“You don't have to be Extreme, just consistent.”

3 Ways to attack your Cardio/Conditioning Workouts.
Many people who train live primarily in one of these three areas the majority of the time. Learn to choose workouts that fit best in one of these areas throughout the week.

Each area will improve by you changing up how you attack your workouts.

1. All Out Intensity
Throw pacing out the window and just go, this is where you push your self to go harder than you think you can and find where you “Red Line” is. You will crash, your goal is to hang on as long as you can.

2. Find “Your” Pace
Do a workout at a pace you believe matches your fitness level for the specific workout. This does not mean pace slow, it means find a pace you believe you should be able to hold from the beginning until you can speed up at the end.

3. Shut the clock off
Go for big sets or just get in the work without expectations. You do not always have to be killing yourself. Slow yourself down and get in quality work.

You are collecting Data/Information to learn more about how you can attack the next workout. Focus on learning what you could have done differently, sped up, slowed down, and attacked a workout differently.

And sometimes, when you really dont want to do anything, keep it even simpler. Go threw the motions of something you enjoy. You will surprise yourself on how much better you feel!

Crush a training session today! And choose a way to attack the cardio!

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