3 Tips to Successfully Reach Your Goals.

3 Tips to Successfully Reach Your Goals.

Do you focus on what you have to do or who you have to be in order to reach your goals!?

I want to give a couple tips that have helped me stay on track and reach many goals that once seemed out of reach.

1) Once you create your goals/resolutions make them BIGGER!

This should scare you and make you see how consistent and persistent your actions must be in order to accomplish the goal! As soon as you do this you immediately can feel how you need to be doing or changing more.

Example: To get super strong you need to become a person who does what strong people do. You don't become strong then do what they do. That's backwards! By doing this eventually you externally show who you already became inside. And most times it it seen by others before you even notice the big changes.

So when you reach goals, you have been there for weeks, months, years in advance!

We many times underestimate the amount of effort we need in order to succeed so increasing the goal allows you to see what increased effort is needed.

2) Be The Person First:

We create goals around doing something new, which leads to feeling like we failed because we aren't fixing the problem of why we aren't already doing those things.

We need to strengthen our thoughts around who you need to be in order to succeed as that person. You need to increase your belief in who you are and what type of person you need to become.

Become the person who does the things to reach your goals, you then change. Small changes towards a goal is more beneficial then completely flipping who you are upside down to then only go back after you are burnt out. Do not change extreme to go right back to where you were.

A small long lasting change will create big longterm results.

3) Write Down a Small thing you can do today to get you to your Goal:

I write down my goals every day as if they have already happened, then right down one thing easy I can do to get me closet to reaching it. This makes me think about what I need to do daily in order to get closer to reaching it.

The more you do this the more you will actually adjust your goal and learn what works, what you like, and what you are willing to do. Sometimes just accepting what you will do and won't do can help a lot. Rather than fighting with yourself to do things you will not sustain.

I make my goals big so I know in order to reach them I have to be willing to do more longer. It becomes about doing something every day to reach my goals and never leave them to chance.


Stop focusing first on what you have to do… and instead focus on who you need to become, then the doing takes care of itself. Become the person!

Think like the person you want to become now. You don't magically become someone new, you decide to and then overtime you get there.

If you can do the things the person you want to become today does, you change immediately, inside! Your actions and results become a bi-product of who you already are!


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