3 Simple Ways To Get Better At Olympic Lifting

3 Simple Ways To Get Better At Olympic Lifting

3 Simple Ways To Get Better At Olympic Lifting

Here are 3 of the common errors I see when people are lifting, this isn’t just for beginners.

Focus on these things, take videos, and see if these can help you!

1). Be Patient / Slow Down

Many people are rushing their lift to “get speed” so they can lift heavier.  We rush off the ground jerking the bar which pulls us out of position early.  SLOW DOWN!  The pull off the ground is slow and patient, it is about building momentum as we move in a clean path.  Rushing pulls us in different directions and creates different problems every lift.  

This is where almost every ones reason for not improving quickly starts at!.  

2) Keep your head up!  

Focus your eyes on something at or above the horizon and keep them there the WHOLE LIFT!  Don't be a bobblehead! First looking down, then eyes up, back down, and seeing if anyone is watching.  Every lift looking somewhere new!  Where your head goes everything goes!   

If our head moves so does the rest of our body.  Spot something in the distance just above the horizon and don’t lose focus on it.  When you finish your lift ask yourself if you remember what you were looking at.   You should say yes to know you never moved your head!

3) Create a Routine to the bar

You should approach the bar the same every time.  The goal of lifting is to eliminate inconsistencies.  The way you approach the bar should not be something left to chance.  This way you can think about what matters… the lift!

The thinking happens before your approach starts.  We try to think while we lift which is not good!  If you create a routine it gets your body in the habit of lifting the same every time!

As you can see the start of the lift is super important.  If you can get these things right it is easy to identify your other issues.  You struggle knowing how to fix your lifting because you are inconsistent.  These help start creating more consistency so you can see where you can improve most!

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