3 Simple Ways To Get Better At Lifting

3 Simple Ways To Get Better At Lifting

I have always been interested in learning by “feeling” how to improvement my movements.  I am a visual learner by relating it too feeling.  

So, I look at something and say how would it feel to move that way.  Then I focus on the the feeling to replicate what I saw.  

Does this sound like you or am I crazy?

When I am coaching people I see a lot of the same things.  Its funny, most times after I point It out people will drop there shoulders and say dang really.  Like it is a bad thing.  

I actually think feedback is the best way to improve.  

No, its not bad thing!  We now know what to do.  


Here are 3 of the common errors I see when people are lifting, this isn’t just for beginners.

Focus on these things and take videos and see if you notice inconsistencies in your lifting.

1). Be Patient / Slow Down

You rush off the ground jerking the bar pulling yourself out of position.  SLOW DOWN!  The pull off the ground is patient.  This is where everything starts and where most of the problems start.  Let me restate this….here is where you mess up!

2) Keep your D*** head up!  

People look all over the place, start with their head down, then start bringing it up as they lift, drop it again, blah blag blah it just keeps changing.  Your head leads your body and if it moves all over so does your body.  Spot something in the distance and don’t lose focus on it.  I like to have my eyes above the horizon to make sure it leads everything up.

3) Push down on the bar to lock the elbows out

Push down on the bar to lock the elbows out and roll your knuckles down to push the bar close to your body without trying to pick it up with your arms.  They just hang.  Pushing against the bar allows you to not try to pick it up.  Trust me people look at me like I am crazy, but this helps so much with creating more power! 

There it is.  Three tips to improve your lifting very easily.  

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