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Zeus Method



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This Special Bundle Includes:

  • Reimagine How You Lift

Do you like Barbell Complexes or have you been wanting to cycle like those people you see on social media?

This has Clean & Jerk Complexes, Snatch Complexes, Squatting, Overhead, and Combinations that I love… I have put a bunch all in one place for you!

  • A Crossfitters Guide to Olympic Lifting

Looking to increase your weight on your Olympic lifts?? Need to improve your Clean & Jerk, Clean, Split Jerk, & Snatch??

This 10 Week Olympic Lifting Program will do that for you! You will PR your olympic lifts, build confidence, and learn how to train Olympic lifting while still having energy to do something more.

  • Power Lifting for the Crossfit Athlete

Want to get stronger faster!? You have been wanting to improve your lifts but aren’t sure how as a CrossFit Athlete?

This 10 week Power lifting program designed to help you PR every lift while not making it your inly focus! You will get everything you need to improve each lift fast.

Jump on board and let’s get to work.

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