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Meet Your Guide: Nick Urankar

Nick Urankar, founder of Zeus Method and a seasoned fitness expert, knows firsthand the challenges of balancing fitness with a busy life. After overcoming personal health setbacks and crafting his path to peak performance, Nick developed the Zeus Method to help others like you achieve their fitness goals without sacrificing their busy schedules. With Nick's guidance, you're not just starting a fitness program; you're embarking on a journey tailored by someone who's been in your shoes and reached the summit.

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Hear from users like Tyler, a busy father of four who integrated simplified workouts into his daily routine and dramatically improved his fitness, or Mark, an athlete who uses our flexible scheduling to train for achievable goals.

Before working with Nick I had tried it all from individual coaching that took me 3+ hours a day and insane movements that over complicated the simplest things. I became paralyzed by trying to and "game" everything.

Then, I met Nick. He came to be coach in a time that I was honestly bumt out on CrossFit. But his wheelhouse is simplifying the things I had made difficult in my head, and learning how to get really good at the basics. The aren't go,cxl af complex. They crush the basics. With 4 kids. A full time iob. Nothing has felt more consistent in my life than my fitness, Thank you Nick for everything.

Tyler Krueger

Crossfit Regional Athlete

As a family dad of two Kids, product Manager, gym owner and Athlete mostly I have a stressful day with a very tight schedule. Usually I'm able to train 1-1,5 hours per day (sometimes more, when the kids are in bed on time). In this case ZEUS is a perfect opportunity for me to improve my fitness. It's not only sport, it's a lifestyle. I'm using ZEUS for two years now. For example, So I was able to compete at the GERMAN or Lowland Throwdown. I'm a big fan of this program and I tried a few before

Marc Jersch

Everyday Athlete

Trusted by thousands and featured in leading fitness magazines, Zeus Method is recognized for transforming lives through innovative fitness solutions.

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