Zeus Favorites!

Zeus Favorites!

We all have things we can't go without, here are some of mine.

1) I listen to books all day and am always looking for new reads.  Here is one I have listened to multiple times and love to discuss.  I like talking about finances and helping people learn as easily as possible.  

I want you to know how you can put yourself in the best position to succeed, grow, and understand what we are trading for it.  This book simply explains money and your life.  A must read (listen)!


One of the biggest questions I get is about what supplements I take. Every morning I take FNX Collagen mixed with my FNX Greens Rebalance. I have been taking collagen for me since Whey does not mix well with my stomach.

I have 0 issues with it and the greens is a way for me to get extra vitamins in me early. You can click on the link to buy and also save online using FNXNick20.



3) Grips are a must in order to train every day without having to worry about your hands. I know there are a lot of grips out there but BearKomplex is by far the best. I have been with this company since the beginning and they only look to create the most amazing product possible as well as they have great customer service. My favorite grips are the 3 hole Carbon.

I always recommend people to order 1 size up from what they think there size is as to ensure full coverage.


These are truly things that make me healthier and a better person.  There is no shortcut to getting better other than using someone else to help speed up your own journey through their wisdom through past failures and successes!

Nick Urankar

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