What is the “ZEUS” Membership Option?

What is the “ZEUS” Membership Option?

With over 20 years of training + 15 years of programming and competing I’ve had a lot of time and experience in this arena and what I’m getting ready to share with you has me PUMPED. 

Zeus Method was born in 2016 out of the drive to want more out of training and the belief that I could give more to others to help them reach their goals faster. With my experience as a competitor I’m always looking for ways to tap into that next level of potential and I’ve found that same drive within Zeus. 

Here at Zeus we are making it really easy for you to tap into your next level by choosing one of our Three available programs 

Ask yourself: 

Are you looking to compete ? - Premium Is for you to be able to crush the competition.

Are you 35 + looking to compete - Masters is for you with a little less volume and designed around having less time to train.

Are you looking to get better overall or in certain areas of your fitness, look better, feel better and Wake up everyday with options to choose between the thing you should do or the thing you want to do?  If Yes - Zeus is for you. 

What if I had a training program for you unlike anything else?

We think Zeus will be the answer that the majority of people are looking for which is why you will find 5 different tracks to choose between each day. Remember when we told you you would have the option to choose between the thing you should do and the thing you want to do? 

Here’s what we mean.

Inside of Zeus you will see: Plenty of options to be able to help you on your fitness journey

  • Base Builder * cardio capacity through increasing your aerobic threshold 

  • Barbell Strong * powerlifting / olympic lifting with tons of fun Barbell Complex and cycling

  • HI Body Building *Fast paced Bodybuilding with a twist to get you results you’ll love

  • Bodyweight *full body workouts that take no more then just your body

  • Just go *3-2-1…GO!! Get your Metcon on and breathe heavy everyday if you want


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