Sample Day of ZeusMethod

Sample Day of ZeusMethod

Here is a Sample Day of Zeus. This is what a full training day would look like if you were striving to compete at your highest level. This is not something most people have the time nor want to do.

At Zeus we still want you to have the options to train what you need though. With that we have kept many pieces available every day in order for you to have options. This is for those of us who may only have an hour or less to train. Being able to see the programming and preplan what to do the day before helps you be able to crush the day.

We love being along for your journey. Below you will find a high volume Zeus Premium training day.

Sample Day:

A) 15 Min Establish: 1 Rep Clean & Jerk
10 Min EMOM: Drop to weight that needs work
B) 1000 M Sled Drag 135/90#
C) 100 Cal Bike (All out, and push to maintain the highest RPM or WATTS
D) 10 Min EMOM: 15 Toes to Bar unbroken or largest set possible every minute (start at a lower number if you know this will be hard, increase it each time you do it)
E) 21-15-9: Double DB G2OH 50/35# - HSPU (This should be a fun one so strategize to save your shoulders, don’t go to fast)
F) Practice HS Walking 10 Min

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