Are 30 minute workouts enough to get in shape?

If you only had 30 minutes 4-5 days a week to workout.  How would you choose what to do?
Here I what I would do!
1) Ask someone who has the results you want, then listen to them!
People will help if you ask!
2) Do it.  Don't just ask… start!
You aren't lazy you just haven't committed!  You don't have the results you want because you don't do what gives you those results.  Change what you do and you will change!
3.  Give yourself a year. 
Get rid of the 10-30 day quick change mentality.  Think longer rather than shorter.  The simpler you can make your changes, the bigger your results will become.  Plan for a year and wake up every morning committing to something to make you better!  One day at a time for 365 days will go far!
These are simple yet life changing tips!  I know because my life changed by committing to doing what was uncomfortable.  
Have a long term vision, start when you get inspired, and keep learning!
PS: If you are ready email me by clicking reply or Download the Zeus Method App here and I would love to help you on your journey!
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