A Simple Way to Get Stronger!

A Simple Way to Get Stronger!

Last week I talked about how you can easily get stronger in your Big Lifts using a simple strength cycle! (I would do something different with Olympic Lifting and less Full body movements, I'l share more on that later.)

Today I want to break it down a little deeper. If you missed it or need a refresher CLICK HERE to read the email, then come back to this.

You can substitute part of your training and add this in once a week for any movement. I prefer only doing this with one or two moments at a time. Preferably using Pulling (Deadlifts and Variations), Squatting (Back, Front, Overhead), Pressing (Bench, Push Press, Jerk, Split)

How to Follow this program?

1) Choose a day of the week and build up to a heavy 10 Rep Max weight at the movement of choice.

You will perform this movement every day on the same day of the week. You will build up performing 3-3-4-4-5-7-8-10…. until you reach your weight. You can adjust those sets but know it is not doing 10 reps every set. You save that for you last 1-3 sets. This will give you enough energy to go heavy.

The heavier you lift the longer you will stay at smaller sets. The lighter you go you may do less sets and increase reps faster.

2) Add 5 Pounds the next week and perform5 reps at that weight.

You will build up using 2-3 reps until you get close to your final weight, then start performing 5 reps. If you want more volume perform 5 reps every set.

This should not be really hard so you may want to add more sets. Do this by doing 3-4 more sets of your final 5 reps weight. Rest as needed to perform the reps. This is not necessary but you may like this to get some more lifting in.

3) The following week add 5 Pounds again continuing the same way as above.

Every week you will add pounds to your final set. I actually like to add 5 pounds to every set so I am getting overall more weight lifted.

This whole cycle may last 5 weeks or 15 weeks, so keep this process knowing we are looking to get strong over 10-20 weeks. Do not worry about deloading (taking a week off). The early weeks are easy and eventually when you fail to complete the reps you will naturally deload because we will drop back down and start over.

As you get farther along and the weight gets more challenging only perform one set at your final weight.

4) Once you fail test your 10 rep the following week to see where you will restart the next cycle.

Find a new 10 rep max max again and begin a new cycle just like above. Each cycle should take less time to get to failure.

If you notice that your 10 rep is way lower then your 5 rep max, start increasing in weight by 10 pounds until you are close to where you finished the last cycle. Then go back to increasing 5 pounds every week.

5) Do this until you feel you want to test your New Max

Once you know you have increased your overall max. Take a week off or test your 5 rep and your 1 rep max. The goal should be to PR Both!

What does this do for me?

This cycle will build confidence and allow you to focus on you next weeks lift, mentally prepare and give everything you have so you get stronger.

The goal is not to get 50 sets in, get crazy tired and feel like you did something really hard. If you want that, workout more after. The goal is to increase your top end strength! This will do that!

Once you get really strong you may need a little more advanced cycle to get you exactly what you need. For most people this will get you STRONG. This can last you months if not years using. You can always take a month off or any amount of time you like between cycles.

But the simplicity of this work allows you time to do whatever else you want without being broken down!

Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions!

“I help make getting fit easier!”

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